Visual Mod GTA V Release Date Set

There is always a chance to make a PC game, which usually comes with a more optimal visualization quality, finished look more attractive again. That’s right, the key is in the hands of existing modder community. Through their dedication and the cold hand, PC games that have been released can appear more perfect than the various elements or even end a game so you never have predicted beforehand. One game that was so focused modding scene like this? Of course, open-world game from Rockstar that never stops popular, GTA V. And now, one of the most anticipated visual mod – GTA 5 Redux finally ready to be released.

Introduced in mid-year with some early screenshots charming, waiting to release visual mod GTA V – GTA 5 money online free  finally ended. Creator – Josh Romito claimed that the release of this mod itself is not easy. Computer and home networks had been hacked, and the hacker managed to get it senidri Redux content. Fortunately, after all it is secured, he managed to get back the necessary data are there though some have to end up lost. This mod will offer a new weather system, better texture, and a variety of extra visual effects here and there.
Redux Mod GTA 5 itself will be released on September 16, 2016. The developer himself said that this mod will probably affect about 10-15 fps version of your usual vanilla taste. How about you? you can enjoy on

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