Visual Mod GTA 5 – Redux Looks Stunning!

You can always rely mod to “squeeze” a game for maximum quality, especially in terms of visuals. Not just improve the texture, modifications to the quality of light, dynamic weather, to a variety of small details that we had never noticed before often succeed in making these games look more charming. One that often the “object” of this experiment? Of course, the best open-world game concoction Rockstar – GTA 5 that refuses to lose popularity regardless of the time the release of the already long enough. Now a mod with significant visual improvement – Redux introduced.

There are many visual mod developed for GTA 5, but few will be released in full with the promise of improvement is significant. If you’re one who wants to enjoy Los Santos in better visual, there is a promising mod named GTA 5 Redux. But not just the visual, this mod also change some things in it, from weapons to the population of the city itself. Interestingly again? In contrast with some mod that could get the hype some time ago, Redux had a definite release date within the next few months.

Redux own GTA 5 will be released on August 26, 2016. How about you? Interested to try?

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