Tips on Playing GTA V Online for Beginners

Grand Theft Auto or often abbreviated GTA is a Rockstar dropout game that has become a role model for all legendary semi RPG adventure game. GTA itself has been around since 1997. However, the first person version of this game was released in 2001, via GTA III. Since then, GTA has become a favorite of enthusiasts of action adventure games. GTA development can be spelled out quite quickly until in 2013, GTA officially released its newest game that is GTA V.

However, it does not stop there, Rockstar seems to want to combine the thrill of action adventure with multiplayer online game system. As a result, in GTA V includes a feature that can connect players one with other players through the internet network. This is called GTA V Online.

Through this feature, gamers were challenged to try and feel like what he called playing action with other players. However, not many realize that the online game system is somewhat different from offline. This is because the online system no longer makes us able to interact with the machine, but with others. There are many crimes and things we do not know about. Therefore, consider the following tips.

Do not Miss Tutorial

After you create a character, it will show up whether you want to view the tutorial or not. If you are on this option, we recommend choosing to view the tutorial. There are too many new things to explain, which makes it different from offline GTA. Therefore, make sure you do not miss this tutorial.

Beware of other players

Remember that you are playing an online game. That is, you are connected with thousands and even millions of other players. Therefore, every character you see in the game is actually another player who may have malicious intent. To prevent online crime, like a hack player, beware of other players. If suspicious, kill his character and go from the murder scene. Although evil, this is done solely to maintain the security of your own character.

Do not try to hack another player’s account.

Rockstar is very strict in maintaining security. If the previous tips suggest you be careful of hackers in GTA online, then this time tip forbids you totally to hack. Because if you get caught, then the tires you get can be quite long.

Selectively choosing friends, especially in missions

In an online action game, there is usually a mission called Heist. This mission is a crime mission like robbing a bank, and others. In this mission, it takes a strong teamwork.

Therefore, make sure you do not pick the wrong friend. What is meant by the wrong friend here is the character whose player does not understand the ways of working together in an online game. In addition, the wrong character is a player who does not understand English as the primary language in an online game. Do simple chats before deciding if your friend is a good fellow.

That’s the tips and tricks you should pay attention to in playing GTA V online. Actually, the most important tips are the first. Do not miss the tutorial at the beginning of the game. Because through the tutorial that you will understand what kind of game GTA V online is supposed to run.

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