This 5 MOD Makes The GTA V Experience More Exciting

Playing GTA V games is great fun. Starting from the side of the gameplay, walkthrough, until its online features in order to play together with friends. But playing  with mod makes the experience of playing Grand Theft Auto V so much more so, then I’ve summarized the best 5 MOD to be played this game.

1. SuperHero Mod

Imagine you’re Tony Stark on GTA V. You can fly here with your armor Iron Man. Or maybe you become someone The Flash who can run very fast in GTA V. Or do not be a Superman and HULK someone who can mess up Los Santos with his power, and many more other super hero types. Yes this is all you can get in mod. You can download via site. Admin provides many different kinds of super hero characters, so it should be tried.

2. Mod The Purge

Who does not know The Purge movie? Hamper everybody knows this movie. Well, we can feel the sensation of “cleaning” as in The Purge movie on GTAV. The Purge fans should try this MOD.

3. Tsunami Mod

In the MOD tsunami, we can feel the sensation of being a Los Santos citizen in a drowning state. We can see whales swimming here in the city of Los Santos or hunting sharks. Los Santos seemed to be Atlantis gays

4. Redux Mod

In this MOD, we can see the graphical differences on GTAV guys. With detail. This MOD creates the effects of water splashes, navy blue, the color of the forest, and many more really resemble the original. MOD we taste make 4K screen.

5. Watchdog Mod

Lastly, MOD Watchdog for GTA V. On this feature, we can become a hacker like in the Watchdog game. But, hackers in GTA V more sophisticated than Watchdog. We can blow away pedestrian HP, control the trains, control the traffic signs, and more.

Well, that’s the 5 coolest and unique MOD of this game made by Rockstar according to me, if according to you MOD what is the most unique?

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