The Newest Way to Overcome GTA 5 LAG on Low End PC

Hi the owners of PCs with low end spec: v you guys must have been looking for ways to overcome the lag in GTA V? Ok this time I will explain how to be able to play GTA 5 without lag.

Ok guys, before stepping into the way, let me tell you this is my fourth GTA V tips article. For other GTA 5 tips article can read on All GTA V Tips Series. Well, please note that this way is not 100% overcome the lag. If still lag, it means your PC is not sufficient specifications minimum to play GTA V.

1). Make quality gtafis be all low

This is no less important, if you want to play GTA 5 without lag, you must be willing to  graphics setting  to low all. This is the most powerful way to overcome the lag in GTA 5. by setting the graphics to low, then the load of the processor and VGA becomes light.

A little more tips, so that the graphics quality is not really bad. Preferably the resolution is 1280×720. Because if you use the resolution below, the image will be flattened and broken.

2). Download Game Booster

Well, maybe one of the causes of lag in your GTA 5 is the number of applications running in the background. It will certainly burden the processor and ram. Therefore it is highly recommended to use game booster. Game booster that you can use there are two, namely Game Booster 3 and Razer Game booster. Both are equally OK to try.

Few tips for you, Try configure or setting the booster game given tick all or simply disable all running applications. Yes for example like this. This is a game booster 3.

3). Setting the volume to 0

Actually this way is rarely applied. But I think it is important that you can play GTA 5 smoothly. You can set all volumes to 0. Simply put, you are advised not to use sound (silent) when playing GTA 5.

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