Sales of GTA V Reached 80 Million Copies!

For indie developers, the number “1 million copies” is something worth celebrating, symbolizing the success of the projects they racik from the sales side. As for first party developers with AAA games that contain hype and high popularity levels, the numbers 3-5 million is something that is quite easy they get although it must take a certain time. So, why do we suddenly talk about sales figures like this? To give a slightly clearer picture of the success scale achieved by Take-Two and Rockstar Games through their open-world game – GTA V.

Despite his aging age, his popularity does not seem to be drowning out of the game that Trevor, Michael, and Franklin play in it. GTA V is still consistently entrenched in 10 best-selling games every week or month in various regions, including the United States and Britain. Things are of course associated with the number of sales that continue to grow. Sure enough, the game released since 2013 on various platforms is sure to have penetrated the 80 million copies! This figure rose about 5 million copies of sales data that was released in February 2017 ago. This information was delivered by Take-Two CEO – Strauss Zelnick in their latest financial report.

Zelnick also praised GTA V as a new standard for the highest quality in a creative product. How about you? How many of you still play GTA V today?

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