How to stock market investments correctly in GTA 5

For those of you who just know about the stock market in GTA 5, surely a little confused with what to do, and what benefits? Actually if you can invest the stock market in GTA 5 correctly, you can  doubling your money.

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Ok, on these stock market tips I will pass on the LCN stock market. Actually way to invest in GTA 5 is quite easy. It’s just that you should be able to see the profit opportunities and also the right time when investing. If you are good at reading the example as above, it is not impossible, money in GTA 5 you can booming. How is it done?

How to invest

In essence investing in shares in GTA is to buy stocks at cheap prices and then sell them at high prices. But more details you can read the way below

1). Look for falling stock prices
Targeting stock prices began to fall can be done by frequently checking the stock price every time playing. Do not even want to target originally. Keep the percentage decline in stock prices above 20% and also see diagam line. If the line diagram is below, then quickly quickly invest.

2). The cheaper the better
In stock investments in GTA 5, look for stock prices that are falling prices. Because, if the cheap stock price increases, then you sell, it is not impossible you will get rich immediately. Finding stock prices that are falling in price equal to step no 1.

3). Sell ​​when price percentage goes up
This is a trick that has been taught by the Lester “buy at a low price, then sell at a price”. The trick, if you are in stage 2, you just wait for the stock price jumped up. How to find out the rising stock price is to see the percentage and there is a green sign. Remember, the more the better. The quick way to wait for the rising stock price is, by Sleeping on GTA 5.

Tips for investing

Before you invest in GTA 5, you should read the tips on investment tips in GTA 5 below. This tip is highly recommended to do because of its huge impact on the profits of its money.

1). Invest almost all the money
It aims to maximize the benefits gained. Suppose you have $ 110k in GTA 5 then invest $ 100k, then suddenly the price jumped twice, then you sell for $ 200k. Well, that way you can make $ 100k. A little tips, make sure to leave $ 10k when investing to keep watch.
2). Sleep to shorten the time
Once you invest, and want to quickly sell it, you can sleep in the GTA so that stock prices gradually rise. If the fortune is felt enough, then you sell for high price.

3). Perform the CEO’s assassination mission
The declining factor of stock price is the death of the CEO of the stock. By conducting a CEO assassination mission, stock prices are likely to fall by 50% to 80%. The CEO’s assassination mission eg the assassination of LFI’s CEO or Hotel Assasination and many more. So if you finish the murder mission, immediately check the stock price. Who knows the stock price is decreasing. Oh yes, the killing missions of rampage or gangster will not change the stock price.

4). Often check stock prices
All you have to do is do not be lazy to always check the stock price. Because maybe when the stock price can rise or fall. The purpose of this step is to figure out the falling stock price.

Well that’s how and tips to invest shares in GTA 5. If less clear you can ask again. And do not forget to read GTA tips articles on All GTA V Tips Series. may be useful

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