Here’s 10 Unique Secret Messages In GTA V Game

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V is really still a byword among gamers. Not just because this game offers a very rich and addictive gameplay, but also many other success stories that accompany their step in entering the gaming industry. Just look at how this title can be the fastest entertainment title to reach US $ 1 billion beat any game and movie, so far it has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

In addition, many other things are still the subject of conversation in the gameplay of his own, ranging from still a lot of bugs like a car that suddenly lost or even duplicated, to the number of secret messages aka easter egg in the game. Well, in this Ultralist we provide a list of ten most attractive easter eggs that you can find in the game. Most of these easter eggs do not directly affect the game, or help you to get a better achievement. But interesting enough also to find everything on the sidelines of busy running missions or just around Los Santos. What is an easter egg or a secret message? Let’s see together!

1. UFO at Night

Los Santos is still getting “terror” from the aliens. The proof, you can still find UFOs-UFOs roam the sky Los Santos at night. To find this flying UFO, go to the Chiliad Mount and check the sky around by using a telescope. When the clock is about 3 AM, something strange happens. Yes, in the sky there will be a real flying UFO! Apparently, these aliens are looking for their friend who was already frozen to death. Or did the previously submerged UFOs send signals to invite their friends to earth?

2. UFO Sinking

Before, you’ve found an alien trapped in ice. Of course, the alien does not come just like that without boarding the space ship alias UFO. Yes, you can also find the ruins of his UFOs, which are already drowning in the sea, precisely in the sea in the northern part of the map. Dive by submarine and voila! You’ll find that UFOs have become a carcass in the ocean like a Titanic ship …

3. The Bigfoot Finally Became Real

For GTA fans, it may have been quite a while (even since in GTA: San Andreas) rumors about the existence of Sasquatch or Bigfoot in the wilderness. Rockstar apparently listens to the voices of curious fans, whether the rumors are true, and finally they bring this furry creature in GTA V. You can find it while in the Predator mission, where you act as Michael who holds a sniper from the top of the helocopter. When you’re looking for a hot signal from the O’Neil brothers in the forest, point the scope to the body on the bottom right. You must be fast enough to realize it, because the appearance of Bigfoot is very fast and will soon disappear in a few seconds.

4. Ghosts in Mount Gordo

This one sounds a bit horrible. Yes, you can even find ghosts wandering in Los Santos, precisely in Mount Gordo. To “meet” him, you simply come to the top of Mount Gordo and wait until around 11:00. Between 23:00 and 00:00, you will find a ghost who hovers above a message that is from blood written Jock. Hiii …

5. Zombies in Vinewood

You will experience a Vinewood tour of the zombie house. No, not the same zombie you meet in Red Dead Redemption (Undead Nightmare), but here he is just an actor. You will hear it growling and want the brain, but only in one place. Yeah, let’s just say a jokeĀ  …

6. Master Chief on Walk of Fame?

You will see many interesting secrets on the Walk of Fame. About halfway there are two people wearing green and very striking armor. They look like masters. Or the chiefs. Or a combination of master and chief. Master Chief, from Halo series? It could be so.

7. John Marston As Cameo

Everyone’s favorite hero character in Red Dead Redemption, John Marston, apparently appears as a cameo here, though it is very hard to find. You can see it on Franklin’s bookshelf in his condo in Vinewood Hills. You will see a blue book called Red Dead written by J. Marston. Hmm, his words will continue to live and be remembered.

8. Alien Trapped in Ice

One of the interesting secrets in GTA 5 is weird, and you can meet right after starting the game. When driving to the train line during the prologue, try driving down to the right side of the hill. Then go across the frozen river until it is under a bridge, then exit. Then look to bring the ice where you stand, then you will see the aliens trapped in the ice. But you must hurry, because otherwise your mission will fail.

9. Vinewood Tour

You can tour the Vinewood Walk of Fame by riding a tour bus, of course by paying some money. Afterwards you will enjoy the scenery there, but look carefully when traveling around there. You will find the filming of the movie Invasion: Los Santos. Sounds like a Battle: Los Angeles huh?

10. James Bond Car

After completing the Deep Inside mission with Michael, a special car will be available for purchase at Legendary Motorsport’s website. JB 700 car, a legendary car that is similar to a James Bond car! It’s just unfortunately, machine gun that should be installed in the car is not included here.

That’s ten secret messages aka easter egg interesting in GTA V.
Is there another easter egg you can find?

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