Grand Theft Auto: VI in Tokyo Japan?

Who does not know this one game is GTA (Grand Theft Auto) which is developed by Rockstar game. After success in previous versions such as GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA IV and GTA V recently Rockstar game as GTA game developers will release a new GTA game from GTA VI (GTA 6) which is likely to be released For XBOX One, PS4, and PC platforms.

However, it is rumored that GTA VI will be postponed until 2019 because game GTA VI is planned to support 4K graphics? The upcoming console, PS5 and Xbox Two, reportedly will support visual 4K, therefore, Rockstar will wait until the console is released so Rockstar can launch upcoming games on the latest technology. What is definitely very good graphics and gameplay especially for the PS4 console there will be a new update that is PS4.5 and will also appear Virtual Reality technology for the PS4.

The game can also be delayed since Leslie Benzies as the main developer of the Grand Theft Auto series who left the company, and his position will not be replaced easily and it will be difficult to find someone to be able to do this work with maximum and also based on his experience must be high.

Keep in mind GTA V was launched in 2013 shortly before Benzies went on holiday and in early 2016, Rockstar announced that video game producers had been neglected in 17 months, and finally, Benzies decided not to return to his position in Rockstar. Perhaps, this could be the reason why Rockstar has not released many DLC updates for GTA V since the game’s launch.

The Grand Theft Auto VI is a continuation of the GTA V sequel which includes gameplay and new and most interesting settings in GTA VI. There will be a new map location in Tokyo (Japan), China or London (UK) and there will be The difference in the main characters where in the previous series GTA always show the male as the main character and in this series GTA VI Rockstar will show the woman as the main character is a female protagonist named EVA MENDES.

Apparently Rockstar game has made many gamers curious about this GTA VI. When GTA 6 is released on the new game console it turns out to be true, it will surely be exciting news for GTA fans as well as gameR’s, as it will surely be a great game with gameplay and stunning graphics.

Although GTA VI game is reportedly not able to support the console XBOX One, PS4, and PC because it will support 4K graphics technology, but there is no harm waiting for certainty of Rockstar game as Developer game GTA VI this. And for those who have enough budget in next year can upgrade your console to play this game if the news about this 4K technology is true.

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